Ryanair Baggage Charges

This time of year – many people start thinking about booking a Summer Holiday.
Ryanair is the busiest airline flying out of Ireland – and they do have some good deals, but before you book – be aware of their baggage charges. The same goes for other airlines too – some of them are more expensive than Ryanair now.

2022 Ryanair Baggage Fees

For example – taking one suitcase weighing up to 20kg on a return Ryanair flight from Dublin to the Canary Islands could cost you €70  during the peak summer holiday period. (assuming you book them online). There are higher charges if you book the baggage after you book the flight , even if you do it online.

For a family flying from Dublin to Tenerife in August with 4 suitcases upto 20kg – the baggage charges on Ryanair would be €280. (pre booked online)
Full List of Ryanair Checked in Baggage Fees