New Ryanair Baggage Charges

This article is from June 2016 – Go here for for details of current Ryanair baggage fees

Ryanair recently announced that it was simplifying its baggage fees – and their publicity made it sound like it was a cut in charges for everyone. But – for anyone flying out of Ireland outside the peak summer months it will actually mean higher baggage charges.

The revised Ryanair baggage charges started in June 2016 and there are no longer lower prices during off-peak travel periods. Previously – they charged less for bags on flights outside the the summer and Christmas holiday periods.

The  baggage fees have been decreased  for all internal flights less than 2 hours  – the new charges are  €15 for bags up to 15kg and €25 for bags up to 20kg. This won’t affect flights from Ireland.
Under the old scheme it cost €20 or €30 for a 15kg bag and €30 or €40 for  a 20kg bag – depending on the date of the trip.

For  international flights under 3 hours – the baggage fees are now  €25 for bags up to 15kg  and €35 for bags up to 20kg.

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Under the old scheme if you were flying outside peak times the charges were  €20  for 15kg and €30 for 20kg. So this is a €10 increase for an off peak  return flight.

If you fly during the peak times – your baggage fees will be €10 less per  return flight under the new charges. (Previously it was €30 per flight  for 15kg and €40 for 20kg)

You can see the full details of the new  Ryanair Baggage Fees here

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