Ryanair and John O’Donoghue

There has been plenty of publicity about the expenses claims of John O’Donoghue in recent weeks. Now Ryanair have joined the huge numbers of people rightly complaining about the apparent waste of taxpayers money. (At the same time getting some publicity for themselves)
Ryanair are calling for an enquiry into –

Why Irish Government Ministers, politicians and fat cat civil servants waste so much taxpayers’ money (at a time when Ireland is broke, and borrowing €500m each week) on high cost flights with frequently delayed high fares airlines?’

Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said:

“At a time when the Irish Government is broke and borrowing €500m a week to pay day-to-day expenses the recent revelations about the Ceann Comhairle’s out of control spending highlights the complete disregard for the taxpayer, which exists within Government departments. The Government should now reveal how much it wastes each year by allowing high paid Ministers and civil servants to travel with high fares, frequently delayed airlines, while the vast majority of taxpayers seek the best value by flying on Ryanair’s on time flights at the guaranteed lowest fares.
“Ryanair offers Ireland’s lowest fares and a convenient and punctual service yet Ministers and fat cat civil servants prefer to waste money again and again by choosing high cost frequently delayed airlines while taxpayers foot their bills. This is costing the hard-pressed taxpayer millions each year. The Department of Finance and each overspending Government department should now reveal the true extent of Government waste on high fare flights, and explain why – unlike Irish taxpayers – these fat cat politicians and bureaucrats don’t fly Ryanair the cheapest option for taxpayers when the Government is borrowing €500m each week”.