Revenue Property Tax Section to be based in Ennis

The Revenue Commission’s offices in Ennis Co Clare closed its doors to the public this week  as it becomes the main site  for the  administration of the new property tax.
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Most  staff in the Ennis office were already looking at  redeployment or redundancy – but the Local Property Tax will keep jobs in Ennis

The work of Clare Revenue District has been merged into Limerick, freeing up virtually all that district staff, with the exception of an Audit and Compliance team, for Local Property Tax. The nearest public office to Ennis is now at  River House, Charlotte’s Quay in Limerick

Twenty-nine of the 195 staff in the Ennis office are already assigned to the property tax and Revenue confirmed that it is unlikely there will be a reduction in the number of Revenue staff working in Ennis. The current team will be supplemented by redeployment of existing staff and temporary resources.