Rent Supplement Levels Increased in Dublin and Galway

The maximum rents that  can be covered by rent supplement (rent allowance) are increasing in Dublin and Galway from June 17th 2013.  The Dublin rent allowance maximum levels are increasing by between €20  and €75 a month for all households .
In Galway – the maximum level is increasing by between €20 and €50 a month. North Kildare and Bray are also seeing rent supplement limits raised.

Rent supplement/ allowance  levels are going to be cut  in most other parts of the country – in Wicklow the maximum rent is falling by €115 a month for a couple and 3 children . In other places rent levels are dropping by between €10 and €80 a month.

The new rent limits have been set to fall in line with trends in the rental markets in the different areas.
The Dept of Social Protection say that because of an increase in the overall numbers of people now  renting property, the market share for Rent Supplement has fallen from 40% to approximately 30%.

“The changes will set Rent Supplement maximum rates generally at the 35th percentile of availability – ie, to ensure that 35% of the relevant market is suitably priced for Rent Supplement recipients.”