Rent Allowance Cut in Budget 2012

Amongst the Welfare cuts in the 2012 budget – there was a cut to Rent Allowance – also known as Rent Supplement. Many households  are seeing these cuts in their payments in January.

Rent Allowance is paid to help tenants on low incomes with rent payments – and the amount of Rent Supplement people  get is calculated to ensure that their income after paying rent does not fall below a minimum level. In 2011  – this level was the basic Supplementary Welfare Allowance rate  minus €24.  Claimants had to pay at least €24 a week towards the rent (single or couple)

From January 2012 – this level was increased by €6  to €30 for single people  – so single claimants will now have to contribute a minimum of €30 a week towards their rent.
The contribution amount for couples has risen by €11 a week from €24 to  €35 a week

Update – Jan 2012 .  The maximum rent levels that will be paid by Rent Allowance have now also been cut. See here for more details. Rent Allowance Cuts 2012

3 thoughts on “Rent Allowance Cut in Budget 2012

  1. So those on the lower scale get ripped off again. This is so unfair. Can any of our Ministers survive on this??

  2. This is absolutely disgraceful. People who are already struggling to survive have been badly hit again.

  3. And the rich get richer… disgusted with this country so fed up wish I had the guts to up and leave.

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