Reminders of Cuts in Previous Budgets

Today there will be plenty of shouting and posturing in the Dail as Fianna Fail will be trying to gain points off Fine Gael and Labour about the Budget 2013 cuts. Here are a few reminders of some of the cuts in recent Budgets under Fianna Fail and Greens.

Budget 2010 –
Child Benefit cut by €16 a month
Most welfare benefits cut by €8.30 a week
Student grants cut 5%
Carers allowance cut €8.50 a week
Jobseekers allowance cut by almost 50% for younger claimants.

Budget 2011

Min wage cut €1
USC Introduced
Income tax increased
More Child Benefit cuts
School Bus Fares Increased

So Fianna Fail can hardly complain about the cuts made in Budget 2013