PSO Levy on Electricity from October

Everyone in Ireland will have  a small increase in their next Electricity bill.  On all bills after  October 1st  2010  there will be an extra €3.09 a month charge (including VAT) because of the  Public Service Obligation (PSO).

This PSO levy is not new – but it has been a zero charge for the past couple of years.
This levy is imposed by the Government on all electricity customers regardless of their supplier and is shown as a separate item on electricity bills.  It is designed to recover the additional costs associated with electricity from specified sources of generation, including sustainable, renewable and indigenous sources.

The PSO levy is set by the Commission for Energy Regulation on 1st October every year to coincide with the start of the tariff year for ESB Customer Supply.

From 1st October 2010 the PSO levy has been set to the following rates (Ex VAT):
Domestic Customers: €32.76/ annum  or  €2.73/month
Small Commercial Customers (MIC less than 30 kva):  €99.03/annum or €8.25/month

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