PRTB start prosecuting Landlords

After being in  existence since 2004 – the Private Residential Tenancies Board have finally started prosecuting  landlords who  fail to register with them

The board, have secured seven criminal convictions against landlords in recent months and  the courts have imposed  fines of up to €3,000.

It is estimated that  almost 47 per cent of landlords in receipt of rent allowance payments had not registered tenancies with the board.
The PTRB will be  sharing information  with local authorities which collect the non-principal private homes levy and the Revenue Commissioners.

Registration Fees are €90 per tenancy provided the completed application to register is received by the PRTB within one month from the tenancy commencement date.

A late fee of €180 applies where an application to register a tenancy is received more than one month from the tenancy commencement date.

There is a €375  fee for multiple tenancies in the one building being registered at the same time by the one landlord within one month of the commencement date of the first tenancy.


One thought on “PRTB start prosecuting Landlords

  1. Not mentioned is the fact that non compliant Landlords not registered with the PRTB are not able to write off the interest portion of the mortgage against rental income,those that have been doing so are making false income tax returns.A serious offense.
    To those who have been dodging this and are now back peddling,you cannot register a tenancy that has finished/lapsed,so you better hope you are not audited in the next few years.
    There has recently been an increase in the cost of maintaining this quango…it probably would not have been necessary had these dodgers paid their way like the rest of us.

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