Proposals for Changes to Tolls on M50

We wrote about proposed changes to the M50 Tolls back in September 2011.
At the time the Minister for Transport was considering multiple tolling points on the M50 instead of one. The charge at each toll point would be lower than the current toll – but more motorists would be paying it and longer journeys would involve more than one toll.  This idea was apparently rejected by the minister .

But – the idea of extra toll points on the M50 could be back on the agenda again because the National Roads Authority are compiling a report that will consider demand management on the M50.
The draft report includes proposals for several  measures to reduce traffic volumes – such as varying the speed limit at certain sections and reducing the numbers coming on to the road at key times by having slower traffic signals at junctions.

There are also proposals to have  5 tolling points instead of just 1 and making the  charge  €1.30 at each point.  So some motorists who only use the M50 for a short journey would see their tolls reduced – but many thousands who use the M50 but don’t pass through the existing tolling point would end up paying a toll.
It is estimated that  100,000 vehicles cross the existing toll point each day – but the number of daily vehicle trips on theM50 is  about 320,000  per day. So – over 200,000 extra vehicles a day would end up paying a minimum €1.30 toll.

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See details of the current M50 Toll Charges here

Update – 2018 Feb – Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII),  has sought tenders to operate the tolling system from 2019, and any new operators must be able to collect tolls from a number of locations.
BUT –  a spokesperson said. “This does not mean it is happening. It is in case of future potential to reduce incurring costs.”

1 thoughts on “Proposals for Changes to Tolls on M50

  1. The M50 is crying out for variable speed limits at peak times. However, before any traffic management schemes are attempted, the fundamental cause of poor flowing traffic needs to be tackled aggressively.

    There must be prosecutions for that most basic of transgressions of failing to drive on the left. Traffic moving slowly in lane 3 and, especially, lane 2 create tremendous difficulties. Simple video surveillance with NPR, followed by an €80 ticket and three points would soon wipe this extremely dangerous practice out.

    When the new RSA Rules of the Road was published, every single home in Ireland received a copy. There is no excuse, whatsoever, for failing to comply with the law.

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