Property Tax Deadline Now 29th May

The deadline filing online property tax returns was  today  May 28th – but it has now been extended to Wed 29th at 8pm.

The latest figures from Revenue are that 1.35 million property tax returns have been filed – which means that about 550,000 properties are still  not yet registered. For some reason – most of the press are reporting that just 1.6 million returns are expected –  but how can that be the case if there are 1.9 million homes in the country?  See our article on Property Tax Numbers

Revenue say that in June they will be writing to people that have not returned their property tax returns. If you are in employment – they will be telling you that unless you file a return they will be charging you the estimated amount that was printed on the form – and they will be taking it out of your wages between July and December. People on occupational pensions will also be told that the tax will be taken at source from those pensions.

You could also be hit with penalties for not filing  the property tax return – this penalty will be equal to the amount of property tax (capped at €3000).

See more here about Property Tax Penalties

More here about the Property Tax – the amounts and how it can be paid and more info here about Property Tax Exemptions

The Revenue say they are only accepting online or telephone returns  – they say it is too late for paper ones. But we doubt if they will refuse to accept a paper form if you send it in- they should be glad to get it !

There is no specific penalty for late filing – and the full amount of property tax for 2013 does not have to be paid until 31st December. There are late payment penalties of 8% interest – but we don’t think that Revenue will start applying these automatically until 2014.

2 thoughts on “Property Tax Deadline Now 29th May

  1. My Aunt is in a nursing home, Person looking after her house got form as he is a tax payer and paid it his name (l think) even do the house is still in her name. So in fact does her house need to be registered ?

    • The property may be exempt if it “was previously occupied by a person as their sole or main residence that has been vacated by the person for 12 months or more due to long term mental or physical infirmity. A property may also be exempt if the vacated period is less than 12 months and the person’s doctor is satisfied that he or she is unlikely to return to the property. In both cases, the exemption only applies when the property is not occupied by any other person.”

      If the house is occupied by someone – it is not exempt – but the owner is the liable person not the occupant.

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