Property Tax High Court Challenge Failed

Last week we wrote about the ongoing attempt to prosecute someone for non registration of the Household Charge  . (Household Charge Court Case Saga)

This week there was a High court hearing of a case challenging the introduction of the Local  Property Tax. The case was taken to court  by a group called Attack The Tax. This group  had several meetings all over the country earlier inthe year – where they tried to persuade members of the public to sign up to become shareholders in an “SPV” – a company called Acorn to Oak Communications.   It cost €2 to become a shareholder and the public were told that as a shareholder they would  have legal protection from the Revenue trying to collect Property Tax because of the ongoing court case. It is this company “Acorn to Oak Communications” that have taken the case to court.
It is not clear how many people might have signed up for this – the attackthetax website   doesn’t mention any numbers.

On July 15th the case against the Property Tax (2013/4731 ) was dismissed “for want of prosecution “.

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