Ulster Bank Problems – Now Fixed They Say

 The  latest information  on progress  on the IT problems at Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank say that the  majority of their accounts are now showing up to date account balances for customers.

“All of our systems are running as normal in the timeframes we would expect and normal service has now been restored for the majority of our customers. Given the scale of the incident, the clean up continues and a small percentage of outstanding transactions are being processed over the next couple of days. There is no doubt that there will be reconciliations to some customer accounts that also need to take place over the coming days and weeks. However, for the majority of customers it is now business as usual.”

The bank has also confirmed that any irregular account charges (€4.44) and unpaid outward charges (€12.70) that were applied to customer accounts during the period of the incident will be automatically reversed. They also state that any fees and interest incurred during the incident will either not be applied to customer accounts or will be applied and then automatically reversed.

All packaged account (e.g. ufirst, ufirstgold) and Private Banking membership fees taken from customer accounts in July have been reversed. Membership fees due in August will either not be applied to your account or will be applied and then reversed.

Many Ulster Bank customers might be thinking of switching banks – but the choice in Ireland is pretty small – and they all charge fees (unlike Ulster). See our information about Current Account Fees  in Ireland 

Also see some information about Switching Banks here

The Ulster Bank  dedicated help desk number for the Republic of Ireland  is  1800 205 100 . If you are calling from abroad ring +353 9156 2910

Northern Ireland customers can call 028 9084 3556 or 0800 231 232.

See our advice on Claiming Compensation from Ulster Bank

18 thoughts on “Ulster Bank Problems – Now Fixed They Say

  1. I have a mortgage due out to ICS in the next day or so,will it be processed?
    I have the money in the account.The thoughts of missing a mortgage payment due to UBs incompetence having had a clean record for the last years is annoying the hell out of me.

    • Ulster Bank have said that they are paying all DDs – regardless of balance. Many people on forums have confirmed this has happenned this week.

      • Thanks for that,at least that’s something positive out of the last 3 weeks.

      • As bad as it is – I think Ulster Bank couldn’t be doing much more . The problem has happened – and that is being sorted – but they are giving people money and paying DDs. I wouldn’t like to be working in a branch right now.

    • John

      They’re only up to 25 June in terms of batch updates. So DDs due out 3 July will not be processed for another few days.

  2. @ME
    I’m not so sure about that:

    Having your card declined is, at best a PITA; it could leave you cold (have you seen the summer we’re having 🙂 ) and hungry…

    I believe they should be automagically allowing unlimited card overdrafts for people who don’t normally end up overdrawn – i.e if you’ve proved that in the past you can budget, you should be let get on with it. Perhaps they could simply magic up pay amounts (look at past history and assume they have come in for the same amount). After all, it is their fault…

  3. Who do I need to get in touch with? I havn’t got payed for two weeks. I have a student account and I’m over drawn money that I shouldn’t be. I rang the bank to inquire about this I have been told that they can’t look at or access my account detail/transactions etc. I said I wasn’t even ringing about the fact I havn’t got payed into my account in two weeks but was rather inquiring about where these mysterious charges were coming from. It has nothing to do with any direct debits or any thing because I had them sorted. How do I go about claiming? I assume I should email ulsterbank saying what is happening and Cc it to a few people. My real question is what people? Any websites/email addresses/contact details anyone could advise?

    • Darragh – you will need to wait till all the mess is sorted out. Ulster Bank will let you draw out cash at a branch if you have Id and proof of income – even if the balance is showing as overdrawn.

  4. To be honest I can’t believe in what’s happening with this whole story. I am a foreigner living in Ireland and I can assure you that if something like that would happen in my country (and it’s not Germany or Switzerland but Poland) it would make headlines in all of the papers and journalists wouldn’t let the bank executives live until they would get some concrete answers. All I came across is some very vague story about some relatively uncomplicated software upgrade problem and some equally vague promises that it would be resolved soon. But what exactly happened, what exactly has been done in 14 days, how far with updating peoples account balances they are ? No answers and I am very surprised that nobody really asks? How come people agree to rely with their finances on so little and no quality information?

    • Magda – it’s bad – but if the bosses don’t know when it will be fixed what else can they say?

    • Maybe after it has all been sorted and investigated – but not right now in the middle of the crisis.

  5. I have a mortgage with Ulster Bank, & this months payment has not been collected from my Halifax current account. After contacting them they have told me that it will not be collected until all the other problems are corrected – potentially this could be WEEKS! They have advised me to ensure sufficient funds remain in the account for eventual collection & that it will not be classed as a ‘missed payment’, affect my credit score nor will I incur additional interest. Hope this helps people in the same boat. Thank God I don’t actually bank with them……..my sympathies go to those who do.

  6. It’s a sad state of affairs indeed. But what’s more disturbing is that I keep reading here how everyone discusses did they get paid did they not, and what Ulster bank HAS done, same goes for the Central bank, the government. And yet no one has asked the question “What are you going to do once you fixed it?” .Please no-one mention to me free bank charges ( I have never had an issue with them), please don’t mention honoured Direct debits, and charges repaid for missed mortgages, etc ( that is a given in a situation like that ). Please someone mention how do they think an apology is enough to make all right in a case like this. Yes sorry rings true for friends, loved ones and enemies, but this is between people and a financial institution. Reverse the tables, owe the bank money and you will find out quickly how your “apology” is going to be just not good enough. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not going to say they need to pay out € 1000 per person, but something more than an appology has to be done. Demand it! Otherwise the bank would have pulled of the “biggest heist” with your money ….

    • Well said Russ,personally despise the whole compo culture but in this instance,compensation is due and I am not talking about UB repaying for missed interest etc just for the sheer massive discommode that they have burdened their customers with.

  7. I only moved my account to UB at the end of April…was having bother with them before this all happened and to be honest the thoughts of having to move accounts again and go through that switching process again with DD’s/new card/PIN etc just gives me nightmares!!! We shouldn’t have to ask or demand compensation for what has happened, it should be a given seeing the hassle everybody has had to endure.

    One positive out of this – Its made me realise how much I use and depend on my card and that I can actually live on a set amount of cash!!!

  8. There is some movement indeed today. My wages from 29th have been credited to my account. Now: switch banks or not to switch? I have another account in AIB (almost inactive) but the thought of leaving 2.500 euro on current account with no interests on it bothers me ALMOST as much as Ulster Bank’s demonstration of unrielability 😉

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