Cost of Travel Vaccinations in Ireland

The number of people travelling from Ireland to destinations outside Europe has probably fallen this year because of fears of terrorism  – but there are still thousands of Irish holidaymakers, business people and backpackers going to more exotic countries each year.

Vaccinations are very  important when travelling to many countries outside the EU – especially Asia and Africa. Don’t be put off by the cost.
Everyone in Ireland has to pay for travel vaccinations – even if you have a Medical Card or a GP Visit card.

If you are planning to travel outside Europe you should start the process of checking what vaccinations you need well before you  travel. Some vaccinations take time to become effective so give yourself at least 8 weeks to protect yourself fully.

The cost of travel vaccinations vary according to the type of  disease  – and charges can also vary from one surgery to another.
Most GPs will do travel vaccinations – and there are also a few specialist vaccination clinics around the country.

GPs will normally charge their standard consulation fee – around €50 –  plus a charge for each vaccination. Prices  can range from €20 to €65 for each injection.

Summer shortages of  Hepatitis A vaccine & Typhoid vaccine can happen and can cause price fluctuations.

A common combination of vaccines is Hepatitis  A, Tetanus and Typhoid.
These are the typical prices you might be quoted for these 3 vaccinations .. inclusive of consultation fee.

Dublin GP  €130 to €170
Specialist Travel Clinic Dublin €125 to €165
Donegal GP €150
Wicklow GP €140
Cork GP €135
Boots Chemist  €100

If you want to find out what vaccinations are recommended for the country you are travelling to – visit .

In the UK ,  GPs do the most common holiday vaccinations for free – paid by the NHS

(Cholera , diphtheria, polio and tetanus booster ,hepatitis A  ,  some combined vaccines, such as combined hepatitis A and B , typhoid)

Some of the more common destinations and the recommended vaccinations .

Egypt –   hepatitis A; typhoid. Other vaccines to consider: tetanus; rabies; hepatitis B.

India  –  tetanus; polio; hepatitis A; typhoid

Thailand   tetanus; hepatitis A.

Before you travel abroad you should also consider Travel Insurance 

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