Price Comparison – Online Bookshops

Books are usually a popular choice for gifts at Christmas and Birthdays  – but where is the cheapest place to buy books online for people living in Ireland?

We did a quick price comparison on 5 books at Amazon , Easons and The Book Depository. The prices were checked in the first week of July 2017  – so may have changed since then. The books were randomly chosen  – although there were a couple of  Irish interest books thrown in to possibly give Easons a better chance .
All prices are based on getting free delivery.

Amazon offer free delivery to Ireland on orders over £25. (If books are sold by Amazon)
Easons offer free delivery in Ireland on orders over €10
The Book Depository offer free delivery to Ireland  on all orders.

Book Amazon Easons Book
What Happened that Night £14.99 €11.24 £7.15
Into the Water £9.99 €11.24 £11.06
Camino Island £9.99 €14.24 £9.99
Cooking for Family & Friends £9.99 €14.24 £9.99
Holding (Paperback) £3.85 €7.49 £9.50
 £48.81  £57.68
Totals Euro 55.14 58.45 65.18

The  UK prices were converted using a rate of €1.13 to the Pound

As you can see from the list above – Amazon came out as the cheapest online bookshop of the 3 we compared.
It was  only €3.29 cheaper than Easons but €10 cheaper than The Book Depository.

Obviously – a selection of 5  books  cannot be treated as a full and proper comparison – but it is a good guide to where you are likely to make big savings on books.