Compare Mobile Broadband Prices Ireland

Mobile broadband is  popular amongst many  rural dwellers, students, tenants and other people who can’t or don’t want to be,  bothered with getting a landline or cable service to access the internet.
With 4G mobile broadband coverage becoming more common in Ireland – it is possible that in some areas the broadband speeds on mobile will be better than that available down fixed phone lines (DSL)

.  Some people use mobile broadband as well as their  broadband at home – it can be useful if you need internet access on a laptop when you are travelling .  Here is a brief  run down of the current prices for anyone who is looking for mobile broadband.

Pre Pay  Mobile Broadband Prices Compared

There are several  pre-pay  mobile broadband SIM packages on the Irish market –   coverage will depend on location and you should try it out before you buy.

ID Mobile have a few options –  €15/month for 25GB, €25/month for 40GB and €30/month for 60GB

Eir  have  prepay Mobile Broadband plan bundles which make them better value than using their prepay phone SIMs for broadband. They are priced at €20 for 15GB of data and €30 for 50GB of data, both with a 30 day limit.

Three do a pay as you go SIM deal costing €20 for 30 days broadband with  “all you can eat” data limit . (Official fair usage 60Gb)

Vodafone  offer a  PAYG monthly deal for €20 with a 7.5Gb limit


Bill Pay Mobile Broadband

Eir    do standalone 4G mobile broadband plans for  €45/month for 100GB OR €60/month for 250GB, both on 12 month contracts

Vodafone offer 150GB/month package with its Vodafone B528 4G+ Router. The price is €45/month with a 24-month contract. They provide the router for free with the contract.

Three offer 750GB per month for €30/month. Tis is their 18 month “Broadband 2” option, which includes a free (network locked) Huawei B525 router.

Pricing checked April 2018

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