Pension and Welfare Increases Budget 2017

Almost all the state pensions and welfare benefits are to be increased in 2017 – as announced in Budget 2017.
Normally all Budget changes to pensions/benefits happen in January  – but this year , to save money, the increases won’t happen until March 2017 . The state pension will increase from March 10th 2016 and the other payments will have the increases applied between the 10th and the 17th March .

The “main” rates of all state pensions and welfare payments are being increased by €5 a week.

The maximum rate of contributory pension will now be €238.30 (€248.30 for over 80)

No increases are being made to FIS or Child Benefit. It seems the government have targeted spending on children towards help with childcare instead.
No increases are being made to Domiciliary Care Allowance , Carer’s Support Grant or Fuel Allowance .
There will be a special increase of €15 in the weekly rate of Guardian’s Payment  from €161 to €176.

Some of the “non main” rates will  be going up by an amount less than €5 . These are listed below with the increases shown.

Jobseekers Allowance  (25)  €3.80
Jobseekers Allowance  (18-24)  €2.70
Supplementary Welfare (25)  €3.80
Supplementary Welfare (18-24)  €2.70

Additions for Qualified Adults for the following:
State Pension under 66 –   €3.30
State Pension over 66 –  €4.50
State Pension (Non Contrib)   €3.30
Carers Allow./ Disability Allow.   €3.30
Invalidity Pension   €3.60
Jobseekers + Illness Benefit        €3.30
Jobseekers Allowance  (full Rate)  €3.30
Jobseekers Allowance  (25)  €3.30
Jobseekers Allowance  (18-24)  €2.70
Farm Assist  €3.30

There is no increase to any of the qualified child additions for any of the benefits or allowances in 2017.

This increase willalso  apply to employment programmes such as CE, TÚS and Rural Social Scheme

6 thoughts on “Pension and Welfare Increases Budget 2017

  1. All help directed to families with salaries coming in living in urban areas. Nothing for the poorest of the poor families. Nothing for families with childcare being provided by grandparents, relatives, friends or neighbours & by the way this is superior childcare, usually one to one care resembling the home as opposed to regimental crèche care.

  2. I get lower contrib pension at €175. Will that get the full €5 increase or at a reduced rate?

    • The increase is usually applied pro-rata – ie if you get 60% of a full pension you will get 60% of the €5 increase. (These figures are just an example – and not specific to your pension)

  3. My husband and I are on invalidity pension and I’m a carer for my mother. We get €193 each pension and I get €102 caters. What extra are we getting with the new buget and are there other benefits we are entitled to that we are not aware off

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