Penalty Points and Car Insurance Premiums

Car Insurance  companies always ask about penalty points before giving customers a quote – but how much extra can you expect to pay if you have 4 penalty points?

A recent comparison survey of car insurance in Ireland by the National Consumer Agency found that with one insurer  (Aviva) – having  4 penalty points could cost you €107  more a year. (Male, Fully Comp with Aviva)  . The quote for the same person and the same car was €107 higher if the driver had 4 penalty points. (€536 with 4 points and  €429 without them)
The  quote from RSA Insurance was €57 more if the driver had 4 penalty points. (€419 versus €362)

The rest of the  insurance companies in the survey did not quote a higher price if the customer had 4 penalty points.

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