Paying The Property Tax 2014 – How and When

When does the Property Tax for 2014 have to be paid  ?

The 2014 Property tax doesn’t  have to be paid in full until December 31st 2014 – but of course the Revenue Commissioners will be happier if you pay it sooner than that. The deadline for confirmation of your 2014 payment method was originally Nov 27th 2013 – but Revenue have recently given a final deadline of 31st March 2014 before they start charging interest and possibly look into other penalties.

There are various options available for paying the 2014 property tax  – either by installments or in a single lump sum. Many homeowners were sent LPT1A forms in November 2013 by Revenue requesting confirmation of LPT payment method for 2014. There was some uproar because anyone wanting to pay in one lump sum  by debit/credit card was  expected to pay by 27th November  2013. There are plenty of ways of avoiding paying the Property Tax until later in 2014.

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Property Tax Payment Options:

A:  Installments

i) Cash :   There is the option  to pay by cash installments  at Post Offices or in shops that accept Payzone or Omnivend payments . Be aware that you will be charged transaction fees by the third parties for paying this way. See this article for details of the charges.  This option is not available to owners of multiple properties.

Revenue have stated that owners can pay in equal weekly or monthly installments . The full amount has to be paid by December 31st 2014 .
Revenue say that when paying cash you need to  quote your PPS number or the Property Reference number. Owners will have to work out the installments themselves – and take care to avoid under or over payment because of rounding.

ii) Debit or Credit Card   – You can also pay equal weekly or monthly installments by using a debit card or credit card at Post Offices or in shops with Payzone or Omnivend terminals. Be aware that most banks will charge about 28c for each debit card transaction and  you will also be charged a fee by the Post Office ,Payzone or Omnivend (see above)  Full amount must be paid by Dec 31st 2014 . This option is not available to owners of multiple properties.

iii) Direct Debit  – Monthly direct debit installments were an option in 2013 – and the  first 2014 Direct Debit will be taken on 15th Jan 2014 and will continue to be taken on the 15th of each month . All Direct Debits set up for 2013 will continue into 2014 , 2015 and 2016.

iv) Deduction from your wages or occupational pension. You need to provide your PPSN  and your employers tax registration number from your P60. The Property Tax deductions from wages or works pension will be spread evenly over the year and new deductions will start in  January 2014. If you chose this payment method in 2013 it will continue for 2014/2015/2016

v) Deduction from your Dept. of Social Protection payments – i.e State Pension, Invalidity ,One Parent Family, Carers Allowance, Disability, Blind Pension. Deductions will start in January.

vi)  Deductions from Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine Payments . (Herd number must be supplied) Deductions will start in January.

B) Single Lump Sum Payment

i) Debit/Credit Card  (Online  Only) : You can  choose to  pay in a single lump sum online with a card.  Revenue  will charge  1.49% of the amount paid when you pay with a credit card.  (ie. A payment of €202 would incur transaction  fees of  €3.01) . The debit or credit card payment is taken as soon as you register your method of payment. (You were originally supposed to register your payment method by 27th Nov 2013)

ii) Debit/Credit Card at Post Office or Payzone/Omnivend Kiosks. To do this you will have to select on the LPT form that you will pay by installments – then you just pay it all off in one “installment”. There are transaction fees – see here for details.  A payment of €200 will cost €1 at a Post Office , €2 at Payzone and €8 at Omnivend (4%). Post Office will be the cheapest for large amounts. This option is not available to owners of multiple properties.

iii)  Bank Transfer . You could also choose to pay the full amount of property tax by a single payment direct from your bank account. They refer to it as a Single Debit Authority . There is a section on the LPT1A form to allow this . The single payment was due be taken out on   21st March 2014 . (It is not clear if owners can ask to pay by this method after March 21st).

iv) Cash – the full amount of property tax can be paid in cash at Post Offices (€1 fee) or at Payzone outlets (75c fee) or Omnivend (4% fee)you will need to select the option to pay by installments if you want to do this.Then you just pay 1 big “installment”. This option is not available to owners of multiple properties.

v)  Cheque .  You can  pay the full amount of Property Tax by cheque ( or  bank draft or postal order) with the LPT1A form when you return it.  (Cheques  payable to Collector General . It would be a good idea to put the property ID number on the back of the cheque.)
Revenue say they were  accepting cheques upto Jan 1st 2014 – but you need to detach the “Single Debit Authority” payslip at the bottom of the LPT1A  form and include a note on the LPT1A form that you will pay by cheque/postal order on or before 1 January 2014.

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34 thoughts on “Paying The Property Tax 2014 – How and When

  1. Hi,

    I want to pay in one amount through the Post Office, however I’m unsure whether I should make a paper return before the May 7th deadline, or register online? What’s the bast option?

    Thanks in advance

    • If you have received the paper form – you will need that to do the online return and to pay at the post office (The PIN number is needed).
      It’s up to you which way you do it – but don’t do it online if you haven’t rec’d the form yet.

  2. got bill for house property tax can i pay the lot at end of december in post office or one of the other outlets thank you

    • Frankie – Revenue say you can pay weekly or monthly at the post office or other outlet.
      They might not chase you for payment until after December – but you can’t rely on that.
      Once you have chosen the option to pay by installment – they will expect you to pay it all by December 31.
      But will they be checking evey month to see who is in arrrears ? Maybe not.
      The worst that will happen if you leave it all till December is that you will get a letter before then asking you to pay.

      PS – This is not to bet aken as advice and Moneyguideireland is not responsible for any fines/penalties as a result of this.

      • Hi,

        I will pay by cheque in the post in monthly installments.
        No mention of this anywhere and why?
        Is this acceptable?


      • That option is not given in the Revenue documentation. They only mention a lump sum by cheque to accompany the form.
        You could possibly pay by monthly cheque at the Post Office – but that would cost you a €1 fee on top of the 50c cheque stamp duty.
        Do you not trust Direct Debits ?

  3. Want to pay online as i have not recieved and paperwork in the post how can i do this

  4. We did not recieve the application form either how can we pay as deadline 7th may getting close

  5. Hi I have had 2 paper forms delivered 2 my house dats not in my name how do I get one in my own name do u have 2 reg ur details??

  6. BTW, you cannot pay from your (state) pension if it would be reduced below €80 (I think) by doing so. If you have a partial pension (typically if you have a non-Irish pension and some entitlements to an Irish pension as well), paying LPT by installments from it is only possible if it isn’t reduced below €80 a week.

    • Barry – the figure is €186. Deductions cannot be made from state pensions or benefits if it brings you below 186 a week. (Not 80)

  7. Where can I get the property tax application form and where can I pay property tax?

  8. i have tried every website going to pay for this property tax and i cant find where this can be done. Its ridiculous. Will u please show me how i can pay this tax online or can i pay it in person somewhere. its no wonder people arent paying it when ye make it so complicated for them to do so.

  9. I have tried to register ad pay on line but I got an error message, does anyone know what it means, did I successfully register and pay and where can I check ?
    “Error 501
    This transaction (1027583) has already been processed! If you feel this is incorrect please contact the merchant! “

    • You should be able to log in to the property tax system with your pin and pps and see if it shows up as being paid. It’s not very goo dthat they don’t issue confirmation emails.

      • I didn’t have a pin, as I did not get a letter, I was registering with my PPS.
        I will give ita day and see if it shows up on my card, I did send the message I got to revenue email, yes it is very bad there is no confirmation email or no real receipt when we pay online, thanks

  10. I will however have to pay the property tax no PP …. No what I must do.

  11. I have tried to register on line but could not. I’m a widow and do not pay tax. What will I do

  12. Not surprised not everyone received a Property tax bill or that it is hard to pay it. This tax has been messed up and badly handled from day one by incompetent and lazy people and a computerized social welfare/revenue system that is so outdated and behind the times that the right hand hasn’t got a clue what it is doing never mind what the left one is up to.

  13. Thanks for your great informative website – really practical, required & clear info. I will be passing it on to others who I’m in conversation with re this whole confusing/oblique mess. They are masters of hiding the detail.

  14. If I have paid by Credit Card for the first payment can I now select to pay by Direct Debit for 2014 and when would the payment start.

    • Gerardine – yes you can select DD for 2014 . The first paymen will be taken on 15th Jan and every month after that.

  15. I paid by Laser Card (1 amount for total due in 2013) from current account. I expected to see a letter-but nothing so far- asking me for my preferred payment method for 2014. The LPT helpline is impossible to get speaking to anyone. Is there anyone else in this position and if so how should I proceed.

  16. I want to pay the LPT online. However I am a non resident. Although I have a property ID and PIN I have no PPSN number and the login does not recognise my UK Tax reference. What can I do?

    • Barry – Revenue have promised you will be able to login without a ppsn on Monday!

  17. I am a non resident of the ROI and paid the 2013 property tax with a debit card on line without a PPSN, property ID, login ID. I have tried to pay the 2014 property tax recently but can’t because the irish inland revenue website now requires PPSN, property ID and user ID details.

    Any ideas how I can pay the 2014 property tax on line?

    • Martin = this week the Revenue Chairperson said that they were aware of this problem and that it should befixed for Monday (11th) . Let us know if it works then. Thanks

  18. So those who opt to pay a lump sum by credit/debit are expected to pay up before Nov 27 2013, while others pay up during 2014, on which planet would this be fair? Why should this group be penalised for paying a lump sum? why did they not set a fair date for this payment?

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