Online Tax Return Deadline 15th November

If you have to fill in a Self-Assessment form for  Income Tax  – you have already missed the 31st October deadline for postal returns .
If you use the Revenue Online Service – you have until 15th November  2012 to complete the returns.

If you want to file your returns online then you will need to register with the ROS beforehand. This process will take about 8 days so  – it’s now  too late to get your return done by Nov 15th .

The penalties for late  tax returns

If your tax return is submitted late either through the on line system or paper filing then you will be liable to a surcharge  . For example if you file within 2 months after the due date then you will be liable for a charge of 5% on the tax owed up to a maximum of €12,695 and 10% after 2 months.

So if your tax bill is €10,000 and you are 1 month late your fine will be €500 and if you are 3 months late your fine will be €1,000.