One Parent Family Payment Changes in Budget 2012

One Parent Family Payment – Changes in Budget 2012

The the upper age limit of the youngest child for new claimants of the One-Parent Family Payment will be reduced to 7 years on a phased basis between now and 2014 (It is currently 14 for new claims) . It will be reduced to 12 years with effect from 2012.

Where a recipient is also on the Community Employment Scheme – they will no lobger be entitled to two qualified child increases (currently €29.80 per week)

The income disregard for One Parent Benefit will  be reduced  – over five years –  from €146.50 to €60 per week, for new and existing claimants and the the transitional payment where income exceeds €425 per week will be stopped too

3 thoughts on “One Parent Family Payment Changes in Budget 2012

  1. The reduction is a disgrace as a single parent seeking work the 146.50 disregard was the money that would enable me to pay childcare we are going to end up a nation of latchkey kids what will this government do when single parents have to leave vunerable children alone to go to work to feed them they will have social workers taking our children off us because we have no choice to leave them to work a 40hr week to keep them housed fed and clothed. our government should at least be putting in place some sort of childcare facility to enable us to go to work or should i rely on my 75 yr old mother who is on an oxygen machine to mind my children wake up joan Burton your children are probably grown and you probably have the support of your husbands wage also to either afford chilcare to return to work. not all lone parents started off as lone parents but we have to bear the brunt of the burden husbands and partners who have moved on the younger models

  2. i have a 8 yr old (9 apr ’12) and 5 yr old (6 sept ’12) am i affected if so how i am very confused recieved a letter the other day and could not understand it at all

  3. This is crazy,i have a 7 and a half year old son,i am separated not because i wanted so i have a mortgage of 1,165 euro and all i get in is 1,099,i feel i am losing my mind.I get no maintenance and i lost my part time job.Can’t cover the mortgage don’t mind the food and bills

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