NPPR Now Due for 2012

People who own a home in Ireland that they don’t use as their main residence  –  need to pay the annual €200 NPPR charge for 2012 by 30th June.

If you owned a home on 31st March 2012– which was  not your principal residence on that date – then you are liable for the annual €200 NPPR charge . See here for more details about the NPPR (Non Principal Private Residence) and who is liable for it.

Late payment will incur  penalties of €20 per month .
For 2012 – there is also a  new €10 fee if you want to pay in person at your local council office.

See details of NPPR Penalty Charges here .

As with the Household Charge – liability for the NPPR is  on a ‘self-assessment’ basis.
All properties that are liable for the NPPR are also  liable for the  Household Charge for 2012. – see here for more details on the Household Charge

You don’t have to own 2 homes to be liable for NPPR . The NPPR charge also applies to people who only own one property but are not living in it as their Principal Private Residence. (Ie – they may be living in rented accommodation)

Over 300,000 properties were liable for NPPR last year – with about €64 million being collected.

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2 thoughts on “NPPR Now Due for 2012

  1. It is impossible for owners abroad to know about these taxes unless you inform them by email.

    I was expecting a reminder by email for the NPPR but have not received one.

  2. My county council do not issue any reminders – I just get an email receipt after I’ve paid ! The onus is on the owner to inform themselves and pay after April 1st up to June 30th. Good luck with your council.

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