NPPR Due for 2011

Owners of  “second homes” in Ireland will soon  have to pay the annual €200  NPPR charge – if they have not already done so.
If you owned  a home on 31/3/2011 – which was  not your principal residence – you are liable for the €200  NPPR .

See here for more details about the NPPR (Non Principal Private Residence)

The 2011 liability date  for the Non-Principal Private Residence (NPPR) tax is March 31 – the payment must be made before June 30, or penalties of €20 per month apply.

The  payment of the levy is on a ‘self-assessment’ basis, there is no definitive figure available for the number of properties in the country that could be liable .

The charge  also applies to people who only own one property but are not living in it as their Principal Private Residence.

Over 300,000 properties were liable for NPPR last year – with about €64 million being collected.