New Year Cuts and Extra Charges in 2012

The new Year of 2012 will see the implementation of several  of new and increased charges as well as a some cuts to the income of many people in Ireland.
Many of the changes announced in the 2012 Budget come into effect on January 1st 2012.

Summary of 2012 Extra Fees and Charges

Household Charge – €100 a year per property.
Car Tax Increases  – some by as much as 55%
VAT increase from 21% to 23%
DIRT – (Tax on  Savings Interest )  rises from 27% to 30%
€10 fee for NPPR payments made in person  – see NPPR Changes
ESB Increased Standing Charge for Low Usage
Some of the Cuts to Welfare from January 1st 2012

Child Benefit cut by €36 a month for a 4 child family.
Student Grants cut by 3% for new and existing claimants.
Rent Allowance  cut €6 a week
Mortgage Interest Supplement cut by €6  a week

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