New Scholarships for Third Level

Education Minister Ruairí Quinn today announced the establishment of a new scholarship scheme for higher education.

In Sept 2012  60 students from DEIS  (disadvantaged ) schools  will receive a bursary of €2,000 each this September.  (Family must have  medical card)
This number will rise each year –  with over 350 students a year benefiting by 2015.  The scolarships  will be awarded regionally on the basis of the leaving cert results achieved by students.

The awards under the new scheme will be fixed at €2,000 per student. The bursary will be an extra support and incentive to recognise high achievement for students who are from disadvantaged families and attending DEIS schools.

Those students to whom bursaries are awarded will also be entitled to apply for student grants towards the cost of maintenance and the student contribution or fees.

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DEIS   = Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools.
There are about 200 secondary schools that come under the DEIS

List of schools Here