New €10 Note out Today

A  new €10 banknote will enter into circulation across Ireland and the eurozone today.

The new €10 notes will circulate alongside the existing €10 notes. There is no change to the status of existing €10 notes which will remain legal tender.

This €10 note is the second in the ‘Europa series’ of banknotes, following the introduction of a new €5 note in May 2013. This series of banknotes offers enhanced security features and durability.

The new note is the same size and is similar in appearance to the existing note, but it has a number of new security features. These features are also present on the Europa Series €5, and include:

a portrait watermark of the Greek goddess Europa;
raised lines along the sides of the note;
a shiny emerald colour number; and
a portrait hologram of Europa.

See the new note below-