New Carbon Tax in Budget 2010

A new carbon tax of €15 Euro per Tonne was announced in the 2010 Budget. The tax will apply to Petrol and Diesel from midnight tonight.
Petrol will go up by 4.2c a litre and deisel by 4.9c a litre

The Carbon tax will apply from 1 May 2010 to Kerosene, Marked Gas Oil, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), Fuel Oil and Natural Gas. VAT will also be charged on the carbon tax.

From May 1st 2010 – the new carbon tax will result in  a price increase of Kerosene (Heating Oil) by  4.3 cent a litre including VAT.  This will mean an extra €43 Euro on 1000 litres – which is an increase of about 6.5%

Natural gas prices will rise by  €0.00307 per kWh consumed. With the average annual gas usage in Ireland around 25000 Kwh – this will mean an increase of  around  €76  a year on the average gas bill. (About 7%)
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The application of the tax to coal and commercial peat will be subject to a Commencement Order.

For some reason –  Electricity is not subject to the carbon tax!

Update – Carbon Tax to be doubled by 2014 as part of National Recovery Plan