NCT Test Once a Year for Older Cars

From June 1st, owners of cars 10 years or older will have to undergo an NCT test every year – instead of  every two years. There have already been people moaning about this – but why not just make it an annual test for all vehicles?  A lot can happen to a car in 2 years – so why wait that long before testing it?
In the UK – their MOT tests are done once a year on all vehicles and cost £54.85 a time for a car. The NCT here costs €50  (about £44)

Before the NCT started in 2000 – we all know there were some old bangers and dangerous cars out on the road.  For the sake of safety – the NCT is a good thing and doing it once a year on older cars is a good idea. For some drivers – the NCT is the only thing that makes them get their car looked at – so making it annual for eveyone would not be a bad idea. What do you think?  Add your comments below..

(Cars registered before 1980 don’t need to have an NCT test at all !)