Lowest Variable Mortgage Rates

Lowest Interest rates on Variable Rate Mortgages in Ireland.

Updated March 4th 2024

Listed below are the lowest variable mortgage rates available in Ireland for new customers. We have sorted the rates by maximum LTV.
Whilst we strive to maintain the various charges and rates and update them when changes occur – customers should double-check with the financial institutions or companies for confirmation of current rates or prices.

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LTV , or Loan to Value, is the size of your mortgage in relation to the value of the property you want to purchase.
LTV is shown as a percentage. For example, f
or a mortgage of €300,000 on a property that costs €400,000, the  LTV would be 75%.
The Lowest Variable Mortgage Rates will normally be offered on the lowest LTV.

Mortgages up to 90% LTV

  • Haven 4.15% Max 90%
  • AIB 4.15%
  • EBS 4.15% Max 90% LTV
  • PTSB 4.7% Max 90%
  • BOI  4.75%

Mortgages up to 80% LTV

  • Haven 3.95% Max 80% LTV
  • AIB 3.95%  Max 80%
  • EBS 3.95%  max  80% LTV
  • BOI 4.45%  (61 to 80%)
  • PTSB 4.5% ( Max 80% LTV)
  • Finance Ireland 6.95%

Mortgages  up to 60% LTV

  • Haven  3.95%
  • AIB 3.95%
  • EBS 3.95%
  • BOI 4.15%
  • PTSB 4.4%
  • ICS 6.25%

Mortgages with LTV 50% or less

  • Haven 3.75% Max 50% LTV
  • AIB   3.75% LTV below 50%
  • EBS 3.75% Max 50%
  • PTSB   3.8% 
  • Bank of Ireland  4.15% LTV Max 60%
  • ICS 6.25% LTV 70% or lower

New Mortgage Customer  Cashback Incentives

  • BOI offer up to 3% cashback to all new customers (no maximum )
  • Haven offers €5000 cashback on mortgages of €250,000 or more.
  • AIB offers €2000 cashback for switchers.
  • EBS offers up to 3% cashback to new customers
  • PTSB offer 2% cashback for new mortgage customers

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