4 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

Best Interest Rates on 4 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages in Ireland.

Rates checked December 2022

LTV up to 90%

  • Bank of Ireland   2.45% (Over €250k)
  • Avant 2.65% Broker Only
  • PTSB 2.7%
  • Haven 3% (4 Year Fixed) BER B3 or better. (Broker Only)
  • EBS 3.1% (BER B3 or better)
  • AIB  3.3% Min loan 250k
  • AIB 3.85%

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LTV up to 60%

  • Avant Money 2.45%
  • PTSB 2.7%
  • Haven 3% (Broker only) BER B3 or better
  • EBS 3.1% (BER b3 or better)
  • AIB  3.75%

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Cashback Incentives  for new Mortgages

Haven give new customers €5000 cashback on most fixed-rate mortgages over €250,000. Cashback of €2000 on loans under €250,000

BOI offers up to 3% cashback to all new customers (no maximum )

AIB offers €2000 towards legal fees for switchers.

PTSB offer 2% cashback for new mortgage customers AND PTSB also give customers 2% cashback on their mortgage repayments every month until 31 December 2027. To get the cashback monthly offer the mortgage must be paid from a PTSB Explore Account.

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