More M50 Tolls could be on the Way

The M50 toll is currently only charged on vehicles that pass through the toll plaza which is located between junctions 6 and 7.  (Blanchardstown and Lucan junctions).

The M50 toll charging began in 2008 – but  now the Transport Minister,  Leo Varadkar,  is  considering introducing multiple tolls on Dublin’s M50 motorway. Under the new scheme –  tolling may be introduced on every section of the M50  regardless of the length of the journey.

The current toll charge on the M50 is €3 for a car  – but there are lower charges if you register and use a toll tag.
It is possible the new tolls could see the M50  to be divided into sections, with a charge being levied for each portion used during a journey.

For example, 60c might  be charged for every junction  a vehicle passes through  – with the toll capped at  €3 per journey.