Electricity and Gas Price Increases on the Way

April and May 2022 is going to see Electricity and Gas Price Increases from all the energy suppliers in Ireland.

PrepayPower increased electricity by 9.9% and gas by 19.9% respectively from April 1st.

Bord Gais Energy announced they will raise electricity and gas prices on 15th April 2022 .

Gas will go up by 39% and electricity by 27%.

Energia has also said it will be increasing prices by 15 per cent from April 25th.

Electric Ireland announced a May 1st price increase of 23 per cent on electricity and 25% on gas prices . This will add , on average, €300 and €220 to annual electric and gas bills for their customers.

SSE Airtricity has announced it will increase its standard household gas and electricity unit prices by 24 and 32.3 per cent respectively from May 1st. This will result in increases of €338 per year, on the average electricity bill and €333 a year, on the average gas bill.

Panda Power is increasing electricity by 14.7% and gas bills will rise by 14.9%. New rates are effective from May 1st.

Iberdrola will increase prices on May 5th. Electricity rates are going up by 28% and gas rates going up by 12%.

Flogas is raising electricity prices by 27 per cent and natural gas prices by 29 per cent from May 7th.

The government is providing some help towards rising electricity bills – they will be giving all households a €200 credit on their electricity bills from April 2022. Read more about the Government Electricity Credit.

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