Septic Tank Charges 2012 – More Details

The Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Mr Phil Hogan has given some more details about fees for the registration and inspection of Septic Tanks in Ireland.  The exact details though are still not known.

UPDATE   FEB 2012  –  Septic Tank Charges

All householders with septic tanks and other on-site systems (about 440,000 ) will be required to register their  septic tank or waste treatment system with the local authority. A national register will be compiled and held by the Environmental Protection Agency. Registration is expected to start sometime in 2012.

A  registration fee of no more than €50 is expected – but an axact figure has not been decided yet.  Strangely – there will be a requirement to  re-register the  systems  – an interval of once every 5 years was mentioned.

The money  generated will be put towards the  delivery of a national inspection plan which will be developed by the EPA in conjuntion with  local authorities;

Inspections  will begin in 2013 and will be  concentrated on areas with higher risk to the environment and public health, they will also be carried out in lower risk areas but at a lower rate.

Inspections may give rise to householders being advised to improve the maintenance of their systems or, in more serious situations, may require the upgrading or remediation of the treatment system.