Broadband with Unlimited Downloads

These days – with all the streaming and downloading of  Films ,TV , music and video games  –  many people are hitting the monthly download limits of their internet providers.
If you go above your data transfer limit some providers might  hit you with a fee or you might have your download speeds drastically reduced.

The good news is that many internet providers  in Ireland are now offering real Unlimited  downloads .

Cheapest Unlimited Home Broadband
(Some providers will not be available in some areas)

Prices Checked Nov 2019

2. Vodafone has a broadband and phone bundle priced at €420 for the first year. This is a saving of more than €280 in one year compared to the most expensive option on our list  With broadband speeds of up to 100Mb  and unlimited downloads ( 1 Tb fair usage cap) and unlimited anytime calls to Irish landlines. Vodafone’s bundle costs €45 a month (reduced to €25 a month for the first 6 months). It is a 12-month contract.  More details can be found on  this Vodafone bundle at

3. Sky have a broadband and phone bundle (TV subscription not required)  – with speeds of up to 100mb, unlimited downloads and free off peak calls to Irish landlines and several international destinations. It costs €55 a month with the first 12 months at €35 per month (works out at €470 in year one including equipment charges)

Prices correct as at Nov 6th  2019

You can compare the current Broadband prices and availability in your area and sign up on the very useful website