Ministers Not Exempt from Household Charge

There has been some more mis-information floating around the internet this week – saying that governmenmt ministers don’t have to pay the Household Charge.
This is not true – but it was not helped by a reply given by Minister Phil Hogan in which he stated that homes “owned by Governmant Ministers”  were exempt.
The actual legislation states that a property is exempt if it is ” vested in a Minister of the Government”. This does not refer to a ministers private residence – it refers to homes owned by a government department – ie Army houses owned by the Dept of Defence.
Of course – the rumours spread fast and soon everyone thinks it’s true.
But you can be sure that if any TD or minister owns a home – they are liable for the household charge.

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3 thoughts on “Ministers Not Exempt from Household Charge

  1. They have form for that sort of sneaky behaviour,the late Brian Lenihan exempted all TDs from the €200 parking tax when Minister for Finance.

  2. Houshold charge – enough is being said about the houshold charge / property tax so I decided to register to avoid panalty charges as well. however according to various ministers the payment method is to be a simple one particularly paying online and this to me is a joke. Three weeks ago I registered two properties with the intend of paying right away after registration. I press pay on the webside but no response for twenty min. I abort and contacted housholdcharge support team who passed my problem to the technical team. Then I tried again and again, no luck it just does not work. Today sunday one week before the end of the month I tried again and I woun’t even get to the payment section at all. I feel like systematically being driven into April and forced topay a panalty despide my efforts to pay. I also own an old cottage being used for the odd weekend for which I regularly pay the € 200 property tax and now I have topay the extra € 100 property tax on top of the property tax – a masterpiece of Irish politics. The property tax on my house now due so I feel is also nothing but a double taxation considering I paid a substancial amount of stamp duty at the time of purchase a few years ago. However at this moment I would recommendthe to the relevant minister to get his responsible staff to fix the online software problem rather then wasting most of his time on TV threatening people with panalties up to € 2500.- or deducting money from their wages provided they have a source of income at hese bad times in the first place.

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