Minimum Wage to be Cut

As announced as part of the Four Year National Recovery Plan – the national minimum wage is going to be cut from €8.65 an hour to €7.65 an hour. This is a 12% drop. The new rates come into effect on February 1st 2011

One of the reasons given for this cut is to help businesses grow by cutting costs.
The Recovery plan states that…..

“Introduced in 2000 at a rate of €5.59, the National Minimum Wage (NMW) is currently set at €8.65. It has been increased six times since its introduction and is now 55% higher than its original level. By end 2010 the consumer price index is forecast to have increased by approximately 28% since 2001.”

A weeks wages on €7.65 an hour works out at  about €298 . Someone on  Jobseekers Benefit plus medical card and rent supplement may not think it is worth bothering with a job  if they are not much better off  financially .

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