Medical Card Changes in Budget 2013

Currently anyone over 70 can qualify for a medical card if their annual income is less than €36400 a year (72800 for a couple)
In comparison – The under 70’s need to have less than €9568 to get an automatic medical card.

Budget 2013  has revised the income limit down so that over 70’s with annual income of  more than €31200  (€62400 for couples)  will not get an automatic medical card. The income limit has been lowered by €5200 a year for single over 70’s .

No other changes have been made to medical card entitlements.

4 thoughts on “Medical Card Changes in Budget 2013

  1. Is this gross income…can the usc be deducted.
    Our gross income is slightly over the 62400 and we have monthly drug bills of well over the limit of 145 euro.

    • It’s gross income that is used.
      With the drugs payment scheme no one family pays more than €144 a month from Jan 2013.
      You will probably get a GP Visit card

  2. the abovearticle says no further changes to medical card entitlements- Did I hearsomeone on the radio comment that there were some changes in phone and electricity allowances for medical card holders?

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