LPT Pyrite Exemption extended to Household Charge Arrears

The Household Charge legislation did not provide an exemption for properties affected by pyritic damage, though residential properties that are certified as having significant pyritic damage qualify for an exemption from Local Property Tax (LPT).

Revenue  have announced thay they will treat outstanding Household Charge arrears, which have now been converted into €200 of LPT, as coming within the scope of the LPT exemption. They say that anyone who qualifies for the pyrite exemption from LPT for 2013 and/or 2014 will not be required to pay the €200 of Household Charge arrears.

(There is no mention of refunds for people that have already paid teh Household Charge.)

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The numbers qualifying for an exemption because of Pyrite are  very small .

More about claiming exemption because of Pyrite damage here