Lowest Price Home Insurance

Lowest Prices for Home Insurance in Ireland – April 2008

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In March 2008 the  Financial Regulator did a comparison survey of Home Insurance . Only the following insurance companies were involved in the survey.

Royal & Sun Alliance ,Quinn Direct ,Eagle Star , Hibernian , Allianz , FBD and AXA

The survey involved comaping quotes for contents and /or buildings insurance for different types of properties in various parts of the country for people of different profiles.
The survey was carried out on a farly small sample – so the results can only be used as a guide. You need to obtain quotes for yourself to ensure you get the best deal.

No single insurer was the cheapest in every case – but Royal and Sun Alliance came out best overall in the survey – coming out the cheapest in half of the samples. The average quote from RSA was 267.5 Euro – compared to the highest average of 353.13 Euro from AXA Insurance.
In one quote for a Guesthouse – there was a difference of 365 euro a year between the best price from Royal Sun Alliance (415) and the worst (Hibernian at 781).
In another example the price from Allianz was almost double that from RSA ( 158 compared to 301). This was for insuring a re-furbished 2 bedroom detached cottage in County Monaghan. The rebuilding cost was €120,000 and the contents were worth €55,000.
The biggest percentage difference was for contents insurance for a 2 bed apartment in Beaumont, Dublin 9. The contents are worth €20,000. Royal Sun Alliance quoted €69 while AXA quoted 153. This is a 55% saving – which could be a lot to a poor student.

Each time the Regulator does a survey on home insurance – they seem to use different profiles and properties. So each time the results are different. This may be intentional – so as to avoid appearing to favour one insurer over another?
In previous surveys Quinn and FBD have done well – but the personal profiles used were not the same .

Summary of results: (using average quote over the 8 samples)
Best : Royal and Sun Alliance
2nd Quinn Direct
3rd Eagle Star
4th Hibernian (did not quote on of the 1 sample)
5th Allianz
6th FBD
7th AXA