Lowest PrePay Mobile Call Charge Rates

Which provider has the lowest Pre Pay Mobile Call Charges  ?

There are probably dozens of different mobile plans, deals or bundles in Ireland – making it very hard to work out which is the best.

A recent UK survey found that mobile phone users waste billions of pounds a year by paying for mobile call packages that are more than they need. Others don’t buy enough minutes or data in their bundles and then end up spending more money on high-rate calls outside of the bundles.

Some people, especially the elderly, might just want a mobile for receiving calls and only making a small number of outgoing calls. They might not want or need data. For someone not on a special deal or minimum top-up bundle –  making a call from a “pay as you go” mobile can cost as much as 45c  a minute. So for €10 credit, you might only get 22 minutes of calls at that rate!

If you don’t want to have phone contracts or buy bundles that you know you will not fully use and will just expire after 1 month  – then you need to know which mobile network has the lowest price per minute for calls and texts on prepay:

Summary of Pre Pay Call charges in Ireland (Not as part of a Bundle)

 Mobile Calls
Cost Per  Min
 Calls to Landlines
Cost Per min
Tesco 35c35c15c
LycaMobile30c 20c20c
Eir Mobile

All the above providers also charge a 9c connection fee.

Just 100 minutes of calls in a month  ( 3 minutes a day) could cost you around  €40 (based on a typical prepay call charge of 40c a minute.)

So if you are more than just a very light user of your mobile – you should take a look at our pages on the best  SIM-only Deals

Figures checked  June 2023