Living Beyond Our Means

Some of the figures below might help explain why Ireland’s economy is in such a bad state. We have compared some of the levels of benefits and pensions as well as prices and wages between Ireland and the UK.
The figure speak for themselves really benefits and  pension levels and  minimum wage are all higher in Ireland  – some as much as 260% more. The  cost of living figures are only around 27% higher here.  Politicians salaries are also bigger than in the UK – On top of that we pay no property tax or water rates in Ireland.

Old Age Pension (Non Contributory)
UK (Pension Credit) £132.60  (€152.50)    ; Ireland €219  (140% higher in Ireland)

Unemployment Benefit (Jobseekers) Aged 30 Single
UK £65.45  – approx €75.25   :  Ireland €196  :   260% more in Ireland

Child Benefit
for 3 children weekly
UK  £47.10 (€54.16)   –     Ireland  €112.38  (100% more in Ireland)

Property Tax
Ireland  Nil (at the moment)
England – average Council Tax is £1195 a year (€1374 Euro)

Water Rates
England/Wales  Average  £350 a year (€402)     :  Ireland – Nil

Electricity – annual charge for 6000kwh incl standing charges
UK:  UK Scottish Power Standard Tariff  £706 (€811)
Ireland:  ESB –  €1097 Euro   Ireland is 35% more expensive .

Overall Consumer Prices (From Eurostat June 2009)
Irish Prices were 28% higher than the UK according to Eurostat figures

Minimum Wage – 21 Year old – Ireland €8.65   UK £5.93 (€6.80)   27% Higher in

TD Salary (Member of Irish Parliament) €96,672
UK MP Salary
£65,738 (€75,600)- TD’s pay is 27% Higher than a UK MP

UK Prime Minister Salary £142500 (€163900)
Taoiseach’s salary € 228,446 –    40% more than the UK