Limits on Unlimited Broadband Data

Most of the home broadband providers in Ireland  promote “unlimited” broadband . Irish phone and broadband packages with  unlimited broadband data  are much more common now than those with download restrictions.
But is “unlimited” a false description ?  In some cases it seems it is .

How many of the  internet providers in Ireland have limits on their   “unlimited” broadband?

In January 2020   we checked the main broadband providers terms and conditions and fair usage policies to see what limits or restrictions were in place on their “unlimited broadband” .

We found that Sky , Eir and Virgin Media were the only ones that confirmed they really had no limits and that “unlimited means unlimited” .

Vodafone and Pure Telecom  had a fair usage policy stating that customers could not go over 1000Gb (1Tb)  per month.
To be fair – that is a big number and it would be hard to see anyone exceeding that unless they were downloading films constantly.

For example – downloading or streaming a HD film would use about 4GB of data.
Streaming  7 hours of music would use about  1Gb.
Browsing the internet / using Facebook etc for 10 hours would use about  0.25 Gb .

In a household of 2 adults and 2 or 3 teenage children – it would be possible for some of these limits to be reached – but they would be rare.

Now that you know more about the reality of unlimited broadband – you can check out our latest comparison of broadband prices  in Ireland to help you choose the best provider to suit your needs.

Some of the mobile phone companies in Ireland can also be a bit misleading in their use of “unlimited”  or “all you can eat” when describing their data download limits.
Three use the term “all you can eat data” – which would imply it is unlimited – but they have a fair usage policy that states if customers use more than 60GB in a month – they might have their service restricted.

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