KBC Current Account Charges

KBC Bank  have been operating in Ireland for many years  – but have only this week  started offering a “proper” current account . Whilst other major banks have been closing branches – KBC say thet plan to open 8  new banking “hubs”   over the next 18 months.

Current account charges are now one of the main factors for customers when deciding where to place their current account. The new KBC  current account will have a quarterly fee of €6.00 and if customers maintain a minimum daily credit balance of at least €2,000 that is all they will be charged.

Customers whose balance goes below €2000 will be charged  30c for each ATM  transaction and  30 cent per cheque lodged.  We don’t expect many customers to be rushing to switch to KBC – especially as there are cheaper (even  free) options available at other banks.

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