Irish Drivers Wasting €9 Million a Year on M50 Toll Fines

According to figures from the National Road Authority  motorists that use the M50 toll road are forking out over €9 milion Euro a year in penalty charges.  That’s over €173,000 a week being paid out in penalties that should be easily avoided.

The total toll income from the M50 in 2016 was  over €143m. (including €9m penalty charges)

It is easy to see how the driver who only uses the M50 once a year could miss paying the toll charge in time. Especially travellers to Dublin Airport . Paying a €3 toll charge is probably the last thing you want to do when you are rushing to check in and catch  flights. But – Eflow  don’t make it easy to pay do they?  How many outlets are there at Dublin airport to pay the M50 toll and how well signposted are they?
If someone is going on a 2 week holiday – the €3 toll quickly becomes a €47.50 charge including penalties (after 14 days) when they arrive back home. More details on M50 Penalty Charges here.

It is supposed to possible to register with Eflow for a “post-pay” video recognition account – which will charge you when you pass under the toll plaza and bill you monthly (debit or credit card). 

I can’t understand why anyone using the M50 more than once year doesn’t register for an account (if the eflow system lets them) as outlined in our M50 Toll Charges article last August it works out cheaper and could save motorists €9 million a year in penalty charges.