Irish Banks in the UK – Best Interest Rates

This is for our UK readers who might be thinking of moving money to an Irish bank because of the government guarantee.
There are three Irish banks with branches or online operations in the UK. Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank and Anglo Irish Bank.
For personal customers Anglo Irish Bank in the UK seems to have the highest interest rates on deposit accounts. Rates start at 6.4% on their Instant Access account and rise to 7.05% on the 1 year fixed rate bond. The Anglo Irish 1 year bond can be opened with Min £500 the maximum allowed is £2,000,000 (Two Million Sterling)
The best rate for personal savers on the Bank of Ireland website is just 4% on the Telephone Saver account.
Allied Irish Bank can only beat 4% if you have over a Million pounds in savings – otherwise you will get rates around 3% on 50k GBP .
So it looks like Anglo Irish has the best interest rates – and with the Irish Government guarantee it might be a safer place for anyone in the UK with more than 50,000 in savings.

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