Investec Ireland

Investec is a specialist bank founded in South Africa in 1974 It  has expanded through a combination of  organic growth and a series of  acquisitions in South Africa, the United Kingdom and other countries.
Investec came to Ireland in 2000 when they acquired Gandon Capital Markets. Investec Ireland now employs a team of over 100 specialists focusing on private banking, capital markets and investment banking for a domestic and international client base.
For the individual customer – Investec have a few options for savings accounts – the highest rate they offer currently (May 2009) is 4.5% on the 12 month fixed deposit account  with a minimum deposit of 20,000 euro. See how they fare in our Best Buys on 12 month Fixed rate deposits.

Deposits with Investec are covered by the UK FSA (Amounts up to £50k are guaranteed by the FSA – which is about 56k Euro)

Contact Details for Investec Ireland

Address :

The Harcourt Building
Harcourt Street
Dublin 2

Tel: 353 1 421 0000
Fax: 353 1 421 0500