Increased Pay for Cleaning Staff

Employment Regulation Order for Contract Cleaners

A new  Employmment Regulation Order (ERO) came into force in Ireland on October 1st 2015.
The  Order  applies to workers ” employed by undertakings engaged in whole or in  part on the provision of cleaning and janitorial services in, or on the exterior  of,  establishments  including hospitals, offices, shops, stores, factories, apartment buildings, hotels, airports and similar establishments.”

There are approximately 30,000 workers covered by the ERO

The  new ERO  on  Contract Cleaning sets the rate of adult pay at €9.75  per hour to take effect from 1st October 2015.  The ERO also sets an overtime rate for hours worked  in  excess  of an average 44 hours per week at a rate of time and a half  for  the  first  four  hours  and double time thereafter; with Sunday overtime to be paid at the rate of double time for all hours worked.

The €9.75 hourly rate of pay will be 50c an hour higher than the new minimum adult wage  of €9.15 that is due to be introduced here  from January 2016 .

The  ERO  also  sets  out  Conditions of Employment covering issues such as Annual Leave, Sick Pay, Maternity Leave and Disciplinary Procedures.