Income Tax Return Deadline Dates 2024

The deadlines for the 2023 Self Assessment Income Tax returns are given below.

The online (ROS) extended pay and file deadline for 2023 income tax returns and for beneficiaries liable to Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) is expected to be 31st October 2024 for paper tax returns and 15th November 2024 For ROS Filers .

PAYE customers who are required by Revenue to file a Form 12 for 2023 and who opt to use the online version, the deadline date is expected to be 15th November 2024.

If you are doing a paper-based Form 11  Tax return for the year ending 31st Dec 2023 – it is expected to with  Revenue by the 31st October 2024

There will be late filing penalties if tax returns are not made in time.

If you file your Income-tax return late, a surcharge may be added to your tax due, as follows:

  • If you miss the deadline of 31/10/2024 (or 16/11/2024 for ROS customers) and you file your tax return before 31st December 2024, there is an extra penalty of 5% of the tax due (maximum of €12,695)
  • If you file your 2023 tax return after 31st December 2024, there is an extra penalty of 10% of the tax due (maximum of €63,485),

Penalties if you don’t pay tax on time.

Interest on overdue tax is calculated at a rate of 0.0219% per day or part of a day. (8% a year approx)

Any underpayment in income tax will also result in interest penalties.

The amount of preliminary tax paid must be sufficient and must be paid on time to avoid any interest on overdue tax. If the payment amount is correct, however it is paid late, there may still be an exposure to interest.

Capital Gains Tax

CGT Deadline is 15 Dec 2024. Payment is due on gains arising between 1 January 2024 to 30 November 2024. Use CGT Payslip A

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