How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car in Ireland ?

Cost of Charging an Electric Car at Home

The cost of charging an electric car at home will typically cost significantly less than using public charging points.

For example – someone with a day/night meter, charging a car at home overnight will pay about 22.8c per kwh
That would work out at about €3.37 for a 100km drive.

On a normal meter – unit rates are about 43.27c per kwh. Therefore a charge to do 100km would cost about €6.45.
Some of the public charging points will cost as much as €10.80 for the same charge.

Figures are correct as of Dec 20th 2022

Charge times and price estimates based on Nissan Leaf 40Kwh

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ESB Public Car Charging Network Prices

Electric cars can be charged on ESB’s nationwide network of publicly accessible charge points. They are located in various places all over Ireland such as on-street, motorway service stations, shopping centres and car parks.

In May 2022 – ESB raised its prices for charging at its public charging points by as much as 53%.

From December 20th , ESB increased charges for Pay as You go customers by around 50% .

There are currently three types of charging stations on the ESB ecars network:

  • Standard AC (up to 22kW)
  • Fast Chargers ( up to 50kW)
  • High Power (upto 150Kwh)

Standard chargers (up to 22kwH) could take anything from an hour to 7 hours to charge a car to 80% , depending on the type of car and battery size.
For example – a 2016 Nissan LEAF can only take 3.6kW speeds from these points – which equates to around 30km of driving per hour charging. However, some cars such as the Tesla Model S and the Renault Zoe can take the full 22kW, enough to cover 150km in most cases.
These type of chargers are typically found on streets or in car parks.

Fast (or rapid) chargers (up to 50kwh) are generally found in motorway service stations. These charging points can charge a car up to 80% in approximately 30 minutes depending on car type and battery size.
These fast chargers already had fees since November 2019

High Power Charge Hubs with a power output up to 150kwh . These are located on motorways and national road sites. These hubs can charge between two and eight vehicles simultaneously and are capable of providing up to 100 km of electric driving range in as little as six minutes.

EasyGo Car Charging Pricing

Easygo were Ireland’s first private EV Charging Company. Many of their charge points are located in shopping centre car parks.
As of August 2021 , EasyGo had over 1200 Chargers – and has plans to add 500 more rapid chargers by 2022.

Part of a partnership with Irish telecoms company Eir, the multimillion-euro plan will see telephone kiosks across the country being repurposed as Tritium EV chargers to help with Ireland’s transition to electric vehicles.

If an Easygo charge Point is owned by Easygo , the fees are listed below. (figures may not be up to date)

  • 1. All DC and AC Chargers : 27c connection fee and a rate of 50c per kWh of use (inc VAT)
  • 2. There is also a 35c per minute overstay parking fee at some charging points when you have been charging for more than 45 Minutes.

Ionity Charge Points

Ionity only have 14 fourteen charge points mainly on motorways
The IONITY chargers are equipped to charge at speeds up to 350kW. But no current cars can cope with that speed (yet). A Nissan Leaf will usually accept charge at a maximum of 45kW and Hyundai’s latest models will take up to around 70kWh.
Ionity Pricing : Ionity charge 73c / kWh which is a lot more than the others.
However , if you sign up with one of their ” Mobility Service Providers” (MSP) you will pay a discounted rate.
(Audi e-tron ; Mercedes.Me.Charge ; BMW ChargeNow ; Porsche Charging Service; Volkswagen W) .
Most of these seem to involve a monthly fee and a reduced rate. For example – with Audi, it’s €17.99 per month and then a €0.33 per kWh fee.

Comparison of Electric Car Charging Prices in Ireland.

(Based on 100km drive in a Nissan Leaf 40kwh

Figures checked December 19th and include the latest ESB charging prices increases .

Type Of ChargerAV Price per KwhFuel Cost to Drive100km
Home Charge
(Night Rate)
Home Charge
(Standard Rates)
ESB Standard
Charger PAYG
ESB Standard
Charger Membership
(€4.79 per month)
ESB Fast Charger
ESB Fast Charger
ESB High Power
ESB High Power
EasyGo Fast50c €7.42
Ionity (no contract)73c€10.80
Average Petrol Car6l per 100k
(@ €1.70 per litre)

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