How Much Does A Home Charger Cost for an Electric Car?

Electric Cars are gradually becoming more popular in Ireland as prices come down and efficiency and travel range increase.
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Eventually – all new cars will be electric.
To get the best value out of an electric car you need to be able to charge at home – and this will require the installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger.

But – just how much does it cost to buy and install a home charger for an electric car?

There is currently a grant available towards to cost of an EV charger which is €600.

The Eligibility Criteria for the grant are given below

  • Any private owner who buys an eligible EV after 01/01/2018 is eligible to apply for this grant. (New or used )
  • The EV must be parked on an off-street parking location associated with the home and the charger must be connected back to the fuse board of the home of the applicant. 
  • Vehicles must be registered for private use.
  • The vehicle has to be registered to the applicant and to the address of the property where the home charger is being installed

Full details of the charger grant and how to apply can be found here.

Prices of Home EV Chargers

Electric Ireland is offering one “from” €1099 installed – so that will be €499 after the grant. This is a7kW EV Home Charger .

We have seen other retailers offering EV Home Chargers at prices starting in the region of €950 (installed) . So that would mean an outlay of at least €350 after getting the grant.
The location of the charger will affect the installation cost.

A home EV charging point is usually installed on an external wall of a house and uses your domestic electricity supply.
An electric car will draw single-phase 16A (3.6kW) when connected to your home charge point. A full charge can take between 6 and 8 hours.

How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car at Home ?

Most (if not all) electricity suppliers offer lower electricity rates for night time usage of electricity. This cheaper night rate is not automatic – you need to apply for it and get a special night/day meter.
Be aware that the price of electricity on the day/night meter during the day will be higher than the normal unit rate .
But if you are charging a car 3 or 4 times a week it could be worth it.

An electric car charge consumption is around 15kWh for every 100 kilometres. So , for every 100km travelled, an average Irish EV owner will pay around €1.65 in electricity costs.
(This is assuming they take advantage of the lower unit cost of electricity on night rates (approx 11c per kWh ))

If you drive 18,000km per annum and charge your car at home , it will cost you in the region of €300 per annum (Prices from Jan 2022)

For comparison – based on a petrol price of €1.39 per litre – the same 18,000km would use about €1,050 worth of petrol.
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